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The Social media in nowadays is playing a vital role in everything whether you have a Blog, Product or services. Everything you need is peoples to convert them into visits, sales or customers respectively. So making a huge fan following can be very helpful, whenever you launching your new product or article, you can reach those existing followers instantly.

These days social media marketing is a very successful marketing tool. However, it can be some tricky to how to start with these social media tools. How to connect to the right people, who do you follow? Is my account is connecting with the right people or not? I know these type of sounds are buzzing in our minds when we are starting with social media marketing.

So when I am creating my twitter account, I got this app CrowdFire to increase my twitter followers. And when I installed the CrowdFire on my smartphone, I really got the amazing app and so I decided to share the CrowdFire Review. So let’s get started.

What is CrowdFire?

CrowdFire is a social media marketing app that helps you to refine and grow your Twitter and Instagram followers.

It has a bot based marketing sidekick which analyzes millions of online data to create daily actionable marketing plans. Which are specific to your service/product that takes less than 5 minutes to complete.

Back in 2010, when CrowdFire was launched, it was launched as JustUnfollow to help Twitter or Instagram users to manage their followers. Users can easily find un-followers, followers, fans, and back-follower from their follower list to improve their following list.

Today, It has also got the Facebook, Linkedin, WordPress, Pinterest, Etsy, and Shopify integration to improve your sales and publication. The bot will ping you once every day with specified prescriptions for that day. You have to do is follow that prescription and complete the prescription which takes less than 5 minutes. The bot of the CrowdFire will also learn and become smarter day to day by using it daily.


Features included in CrowdFire

CrowdFire has several powerful features for Twitter users. These features help you to connect with right people who will engage and active for your content. You can follow, unfollow, friend check, make the whitelist and blacklist right from here with a single tap.

crowdfire twitter growth dashboard


Non-followers are the ones you follow them, but they don’t follow you back. If you want, they are only one click away to unfollow. These users will be listed on the right side of the Twitter dashboard with an unfollow button.

The listed users are sorted by oldest to newest users. The oldest followed user appears first while the newest followed user appears last.

Should you unfollow all of them who don’t follow you back?

This depends on your Twitter strategy, which non-follower you want to keep and how to connect with the right people using Crowdfire. Some of the non-followers can be celebrities or influencer and perhaps they can’t follow you back. So it is up to you, you want to follow them or not.



These are the users they follow you but you don’t follow them. Fans are good, it shows that they like your tweets and enjoy your post. These are the followers who follow you for your tweets.

The list of the fans sorted by the Newest First. The follower who follows you recently shown at the top and oldest one at the bottom.


crowdfireRecent Followers & Unfollowers

Recent Followers are the users who have followed you recently, whether you are following them or not. This list shows you three types of followers:

  • Users who followed you and you are already following them.
  • The users who followed you but you are not following them.
  • The users who followed you and unfollows you then.

Recent Unfollowers are the users who have unfollowed you recently, whether you are following them or not. This list also shows you three types of Unfollowers:

  • Users who followed you but you are not following them.
  • Users who followed you and you also followed them.
  • The users who unfollowed you and re-followed you again.


crowdfireInactive Following

This feature shows users followed by you who have been not active for a while. This feature has three options 1 month, 3 months and 6 months to show inactive users. The one month is free for all and shows the inactive users who are inactive for more than one month. The other two options are available to paid users only and show users who are inactive for more than three months and six months respectively.


crowdfireAll Following

This feature has nothing to endorse. It has the list of all following people who have been followed by you. You can see the list of all following from here.


crowdfireCompetitors’ Followers

This is an awesome feature in the whole CrowdFire to use it for the twitter growth tactics. This feature finds the right people to connect with. Using this tool, you can copy followers from other competitors followers that are related to your niche and most probably, they will also follow you back, that can help you to grow your followers’ list with right and active followers. It is also known as Copy follower tool cause it copies the followers of other twitter accounts.

To use this feature, you have to do is simply add the username in the box of which you want to copy the followers. After adding the username in the box, it will show you all followers of that username, now you can follow those followers easily with one click.


crowdfireKeyword search

Suppose, you want to search peoples to follow them based on their activity, location or keywords. Then, I think this feature is very helpful for you to find out the people based on their activity or location. This gives you the results based on your keywords added.

you have to do find a keyword related to your interest and add them to your list. You can also filter out the areas, where you want to find out the crowds. This feature will show you the best list relevant to your keywords.


crowdfireFriend check

This tool has a great feature that you can see the relationships between any two of twitter accounts. Generally, users use this tool to check the relationship between two popular accounts, whether they follow each other or not. To simply check out the follow relationship between any two Twitter account type their twitter username in both boxes and hit the check.



This is the list of peoples you never want to unfollow, even if they are following you or not. They may be celebrities, Tech gurus, influencers or a person whose posts you always prefer to see. If you add someone to the whitelist, it will never show their name as a suggestion to unfollow them.



This is the list of peoples you never want to follow them, even if they are following you. These people may be spammers, fake profile or just an anybody who tweets anything which you do not prefer to see. If you add someone to the Blacklist, It will never show their name as a suggestion to follow them.


CrowdFire Review: Pricing

Crowdfire has a free basic plan for who want to check out the features of crowdfire. There is no time limit in the free basic plan, you can use it for the lifetime. However, There are limits to the usage of the free basic plan and you are blocked for some feature. You can use it to maintain and grow your Twitter account.

crowdfire review pricing

It has a good option, you can signup first with the free basic plan and then you can upgrade to further higher plans as your requirement. It has four plans as follows:

  • Free: $0 – Good for new users
  • Plus: $4.99/month – Best for Bloggers, Social media enthusiasts
  • Premium: $7.99/month – Great for Startups
  • VIP: $33.32/month – for agencies and companies



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    • Ashutosh Singh says:

      Yes, you can add your WordPress Blog to the Crowdfire account. Just go to the account of crowdfire and tap on the wordpress and Login with your wordpress username and password and allow it to take some information about your WordPress Blog.
      Now you are all free, further Crowdfire will handle all the things about your blog post.
      Thank you!

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