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The Logo is the thing that can be remembered for a long time rather than your Brand name. The reason behind this is that the visual things have retained longer time than the text or audio. If I say some brand name like Apple, Nike, Microsoft, what is the first reaction of yours when I call these names.

I guess, the first reaction is their logo appeared in your mind and also vice-versa.

It is the thing that distinguishes you from others in the crowd of businesses. The logo can’t be copied means you have the unique logo and become the face of your business. It helps people to easily recognize your brand wherever it published like in the advertisements or social media.

There are three types of Logo, you can make a one for you

apple logo

adidas logo

samsung logo


  • The Symbol only logo is not suitable for starting up companies. This is suitable for who have already established the brand name in the market.
  • The Text and Symbol logo is very popular in all industries either they are startups or well-recognized company. It contains your logo as well as your brand name which is helpful for your audience to recognize your brand and also your logo.
  • The third one is very simple Text only logo that is used as their brand name or some font design with the brand name like CocaCola.

That’s okay, so you want a logo for your website or startup and don’t want to spend a lot of money to hire a graphic designer.

This is when Free online logo maker comes. You can create free logo a one professional for your brand. You can use Designevo Free logo maker online generator tool.

Designevo– An online free logo maker

Designevo is a very good online logo maker site where you can create a stunning logo very easily. Whether you are starting a website, blog or youtube channel, you always need a logo to represent your channel or blog with a new brand logo.

So Designevo is a very easy and free tool to create your logo in a minute. You don’t have to pay a single penny for that.

It has lots of fonts, icons, templates with powerful editing tool by which you can make it easily and fast.

How to make a logo with Designevo

Creating a logo with Designevo is such an easy task, you have to do is only choose the right font, icon, and template. Tada! your Logo is ready to download and then you can use it anywhere.

The logo creation with designevo has only three task by which you can make a stunning logo. So let’s see how we make a logo with the designevo tool.

1. Choose one from 3000+ available templates

Choose a right one suitable for your business from more than 3000 available templates. You can choose anyone template from pre-made templates and just edit them with the available tool to make it your own logo.

free online logo maker templates


There are a lot of templates available for every type of industry. You can find for you a one by searching them in the search box.

If you don’t want to start a fresh design, you can use one from these pre-made templates. Adjust it to your ways by adding some fonts, colors, and icons if necessary.

2. Edit it in your ways

It has millions of icons, hundreds of fonts and lots of shape with the powerful editing tool. If you need, add your company name and slogan in the logo. Change your logo color and font style here.

designevo editing tool


3. Check your Logo in preview section

In preview section, you can check your logo on different things like name-card, letter, book cover, website, T-shirt, and wall.

If you can’t decide which looks better for your business then you can try this before downloading them.

preview feature


Designevo is better known for customizable logo maker. Now if you think your logo is made good, download it from the download link for free.

So what you think about it, if you want to make a professional logo like above try now from here.


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