Blogger is a free blogging platform powered by Google.

Writing a Blog is a good thing because you share anything like knowledge or experiences through all over the world. If you want you can also earn from your blog.

In the Blogging platform, there are many Blogging platforms which offer you to create free Blogs. But I suggest you use your own domain name it’s more relevant than free blogging.

But I think that as a new blogger you don’t want to purchase your own domain name and hosting provider service at starting. It is the genuine reason. Evenly I also didn’t purchase this domain name and hosting service. Firstly I started writing Blog on blogger and then on Weebly and then quit from both. Finally, I decide to purchase my own domain name and hosting service.

I will show you to how to create free Blog on Blogger in simple steps:

General Things Before Starting you should know:

  • First of all, you have must a google account. If not first create a Google account here it’s free because Blogger is a concentric product of Google. It uses a default subdomain of The blog can also be hosted by a registered custom domain name like (
  • Blogger allows you to create free Blog but it has limitations. It limited to 100 Blog per account while posts and pages are not limited.


Let’s Discuss How to make blog with Blogger-

Login with google account:

First, log in with your Google (Gmail) account and then go to Blogger. Choose the type of profile for use. I recommend you use Blogger profile and can change your settings by going settings>> Post, comment, sharing>> Share to Google+ to AutoShare to YES. That enable when you post new post it’s share on your Google+ profile.




Create new Blog:

Choose your title and address for your blog page. The Blogger has default theme you choose any theme which suitable for your Blog. You can also set your own theme on Blogger.


choose title and address


And your Blog is ready for posting Blogs.


blog home page


That’s it your Blog is ready. You can see statics and control your post from this page. You can also set up Adsense in Earnings menu. You can Change your layout, template, and settings on this page. 

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