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Hello, ShouterWorld Readers, It’s Harsh from Bloggerish. Today I am going to show you a very simple, easy and effective way to get Free Fans Instantly. The way that I am going to share with you is my favorite. Although many other ways are also good, this one is superb. I recommend using this way.


I know getting famous among the crowd is very difficult but it’s not impossible. I am going to share an awesome trick with you which works like a charm. It is completely free and doesn’t need any money to get started. After following my steps, you will start getting fans on your pages/websites instantly without waiting anymore. Unlimited traffic comes on this platform daily to serve this purpose.


Everything is related to POINTS here. For example, if you need likes on your Facebook page then you can set a value for each like. You’ll get one like after spending specific points. You can get 1 like by spending minimum 2 points and maximum 10 points. According to my experience, the person who spends 10 points for getting likes/visitors, he/she gets super fast likes/visitors. If you need slow visitors/likes then you may distribute fewer points also. This concept is not only based on spending points, rather there is a need of earning points as well. You can earn points by liking/visiting others’ pages/sites. There is an option of purchasing points also but I think the free option is much better.


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  1. Click here
  2. Then Click on “TRY FOR FREE NOW” as shown in the image below:
    get more shares
  3. Now, it’s time to sign up. Just enter your details and click on the ‘Sign Up’ button as shown in the image below:
    registration page
  4. Then you’ll receive a confirmation email. Just log in to your email address (such as Gmail) and check your Inbox if there is any new email from ‘Add Me Fast’. Open the email and click on the verification link to verify your account. Note: If there is no email in Inbox then try finding the email in the Spam box.
  5. After confirming your account, Click here and log in to your account with your registered email id and password.
  6. Then you will see 50 points in your balance of your Add Me Fast account. You can see in the following pic that I have about 609 points in my balance.
    welcome page
  7.  Now it’s time for adding your site/page on which you need likes/visitors. For this, just click on the ‘Add Site/Page’ button as shown in the image below:
    get free fans welcome page
  8. Now, you’ll see something like this:
    add / edit page
  9. Now, Select the ‘Type’. Just choose that type of page/site over which you want visitors/likes as showing in the image below:
    network type chooser
  10. Choose the countries from which you want visitors/likes or set it ‘Worldwide’ which means to get visitors/likes from all countries. This decision is yours.
  11. Set the ‘Title’ of your website/page or anything for which you are going to get likes/visitors.
  12. Enter the ‘Page URL’ now. For example
  13. Now the main thing set the CPC. ‘Cost Per Click’ is the full form of CPC. This means that how many points would you like to give for getting 1 like/visitor. Minimum you can give is 2 points and the maximum you can give are 10 points.
  14. If you want specific clicks/visitors/likes in total then set the ‘Total Clicks’ and if you want specific clicks/visitors/likes daily then set the ‘Daily Clicks’
  15. After setting this, just click on the ‘Save Changes’ button.
  16. You can check your added sites by clicking on ‘My Sites’ button present at the left as shown in the image below:
    get free fans
  17. Now your mission is to earn points by liking or following others’ pages.
  18. For earning points, you can see a number of items listed at the left as shown in the image below:
    get free fans list
  19. You can choose any method to earn points. Earning points is very simple. For example, Follow others from your Twitter account, Facebook account, Google account or visit others’ websites to earn some points. There are many more methods available also to earn points. These points are used to send likes/visitors over your site for free.
  20. There is a ‘Daily Bonus’ option available also at the left. Add Me Fast says that if you will daily complete some 75 clicks then you will surely get 500 bonus points for free. Add Me Fast can change bonus points and clicks amount any time in future.
    bonus page get free fans
  21. Another method of earning more points through Add Me Fast is ‘Referral Program’. This says that share your ‘Referral Link’ with your friends/family/fans and if someone joins Add Me Fast through your referral link then you will get earn some fixed points like these days you’ll get 300 points by referring your friends. This is present at the right side of the website as shown in the image below:
    affiliate program addmf
    TIP: If you don’t want to waste your time in earning so many points then I suggest you use Referral Program of Add Me Fast. It works really very well. If you are an owner of a website over which good traffic comes daily then it’s the best thing for you. You can share your link with your website visitors and also can put the referral banners of Add Me Fast on your website so that whenever someone clicks through our referral banner or referral link then you will get 300 points for free by just doing nothing. I think this is the best way. And also, if you don’t have the website but have a good social media page like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube etc then you may share your referral link there also. You can share it wherever you have the great audience so that they will join Add Me Fast through your link and you’ll get 300 points. That’s it. Hope this helps you. If there are any questions or problems, please let me know in the comments section. I will be happy to help you 🙂



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