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Writing a Blog or anything like Email, Presentation needs a perfection because Perfection makes a great impact on your readers. No one wants to read a story with silly mistakes, it also decreases your Bounce rate, and I think you don’t want like this.

Would you like something like that? If you ask this question to me obviously answer is No.

I know no one is perfect, but you can try to overcome your grammar and punctuation errors with the help of Grammarly. Grammarly is an online tool that assists you in English writing to prevent from writing mistakes. Perhaps you have heard a quote like that ” You never get a second chance to make a first impression.”

Writing is Easy. All You Have To Do is Cross Out The Wrong Words.

-Mark Twain

So Today, We are talking about How to improve English writing skills while you are a non-native speaker. Countries which haven’t the English as their regional language like India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Germany, etc. The most people of those countries are facing the problem to write in English.


instant grammar checker

As I tell you most people, I also belong to that part of the most people. I am an Indian person who is not a native speaker of English. One day when I was surfing the YouTube eventually, I found the Grammarly in an advertisement. I Installed the Grammarly instantly on my chrome and Microsoft office, and I tell you it helps a lot to correct my Grammar since I installed.

Let’s take a look at Grammarly, how it helps you to improve English writing skills.


What is Grammarly?

Grammarly is an Online Tool application used for English writing enhancement. Grammarly, Inc. developed it and gave the services from 2009. It has more than 400 types of grammar rules to detect your grammatical errors.

The Grammarly is available as Free and as well Premium, you can choose one of them as your requirement.

The browser extension of Grammarly is available for these Browsers- Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. It is also available for Microsoft Office for Windows.


How to use Grammarly

Would you like that a tool helps you to proof-read your works and gave your writing mistakes?

If Yes, Head to the Grammarly website and download the Grammarly app for your Windows PC or Mac. Now you can Sign Up on Grammarly website it’s Free. Later you can upgrade your Free account.


no.1 writing tool


The Free option has only some basic tools like spell checker, Grammar checker at an average level. While the Premium has a complete package including free and plagiarism checker, Complete grammar checker and much more required for improvement of your writing skills.

If you are want to use Grammarly just Log-in into the Grammarly website or in the App and It opens a Grammarly editor dashboard similar to like this.


Grammarly Dashboard


Now you can make a new or upload your completed document to check out the Document. You can also add the web extension for chrome and write the Blog in WordPress. It underlines all the incorrect grammar errors or spellings.

Just add the extension in your browser, Log In and let’s work them.


grammarly with errors


The Grammarly is ready for use either on your Blog, Email or the Social networking site.


Which Price is Perfect for You

Are you a native or a non-native speaker of English?

If you are a native speaker of English and write Blogs, Emails and Books then probably it helps you to find finer mistakes in your writing works. You can use either Free or Premium as your requirement. Rather than Grammarly Premium, you can use a human proofreader for your most works.

If you are a non-native speaker of English means your first language isn’t English. You are writing Blogs, Emails or Books then you should use Premium of Grammarly. It helps a lot to you to find most of the Grammatical errors. Also, you can use a proofreader.

The Free version of Grammarly is free forever but have limited tools. Try Free Online Grammar Checker.

The Premium version of Grammarly has three types of packages- monthly cost $29.95, Quarterly cost $19.98 and Annually cost $11.66 which save your 61% as compared to monthly.


instant grammar checker



Grammarly has a lot of advantages and a perfect tool for a Grammar Checker.

  • Grammarly corrects 400+ types of grammatical errors, spelling and punctuation errors.
  • It is much faster as compare to others.
  • Grammarly is handy for new Bloggers or writers who are a non-native speaker of English.
  • Availability of both American as well as British English, you can switch between them.
  • Plagiarism checker which warns you how much content you copy from other websites.



  • The Grammarly is not working in the offline mode; it’s required the Internet always.
  • It can not replace the human Proofreader.




If you are using Grammarly or Doubt about Grammarly, Let me know your Experience or Doubt in the comment section.


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