weekly roundup of august 25

This is the first ever roundup post of Blogging Recipe. In this week’s roundup, we include some best articles to improve your blogging, SEO, and WordPress experience.

Learn about why WordPress is better than other blogging platforms, best Keyword tools, blog ideas curation and some life hacks to improve your lifestyle and also some dishes to make this weekend good.

So, Let’s start the weekly roundup of August 25, 2018.

Top 10 Blog post of the week

  • Yogesh Shinde tells in his article why WordPress is better than other Blogging platforms and 11 reasons why WordPress is the best blogging platform.­
  • Preirna Prachi explained in her article that how you can generate a bunch of great blog ideas for your clients. The greater the blog title and ideas, the greater it will impact on your clients. According to her-
    This blog targets the potential writers and bloggers who write for business clients. It talks about how can they be creative and add value to the client requirements by suggesting them blog ideas.
  • Amit Chatterjee explained, how you can be updated with the Google Algorithm updates with the help of Signals tool. According to him-
    The latest cognitive SEO tool “Signals” can be a great choice for marketers. What is the need for this tool? It actually keeps online business run well and go safely. Are you thinking, how?
  • Shruti Pangtey explained five ways in her blog, Indian Girling, that how to make money online. 5 incredibly simple ways to make money online with just a laptop! Hint: It includes blogging!
  • Shubham Pandey offers a blogger help series. So, check out the help series for amazing Blogspot and WordPress article.
  • Arpeet Rathi provides a list of gadgets that can save your lot of time. From his words- Here comes the list
    of top 5 gadgets with productivity. They can do wonders.
    They are clever and can be used by every age group.
  • Thomas Phiri explained in his article about 7 tools to use for keyword research. Those 7 tools are very useful and give you a lot of help to find great keywords that can help you to rank on Google first page.
  • Now it’s time to read some dishes to make your weekend great by cooking these recipes. Bel and Em offer a bunch of delicious dishes on their Blog.
    The latest post is about Steak and bacon pie, Steak and bacon pie is an easy and simple recipe that will feed a family of 5 and still have leftovers for lunch the next day. Budget-friendly recipes.
  • Emily Krings offers an article about life hacks in which she explained, how you can live a frugal life and overcome your expenses. With her words-
    This blog post includes my tips and tricks on staying on the frugal side of the fine line between frugal and cheap. This post explains opportunity cost in everyday spending.
  • Last but not the least, Vaibhav Gupta offers a bunch of delicious Indian dishes. Check out his Blog and find some delicious dish for this week and enjoy 😊.


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    I want to change my platform i.e from blogger to wordpress, but how, i don’t know, provide me tutorial video or article link

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