Freelancing services are become more popular in now a day’s and increase rapidly in the recent years. Freelancing is that what you can do aside from your traditional job and can earn an Extra money, while some of them are doing as full-time.

As according to Wikipedia, Around 50 million people in the United States and 15 million in India are working as Freelancer today. So it’s a significant opportunity to work as Freelancer as it is growing very fastly not in the united states but also in India and the whole world. It has own benefits and also deficits so choose anything new carefully with proper research.

Top 10 freelance websites to earn money from Home in 2017


So let’s see Top 10 Freelance websites where you can work as Freelancer, and it’s easy to find a freelancing job on these sites. Here’s the list of the best freelance websites for beginners, you can choose a one from them to start your freelancing journey.


Top 10 Freelance Websites


Freelancer is one of the popular sites to find a piece of work or to post a Project. Freelancer is work based on the bidding system, and You can bid on any project which matches your skills. While getting the first or second freelance job at starting is challenging. To get more jobs on freelancing websites, you have to make a Great profile with better ratings.

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Fiverr is also a favorite site for Freelancers where they can find a piece of work. Sign Up on Fiverr, make your profile more compelling, add your Skills and get the Freelance jobs. Add your skills like Digital marketing, Web developer, Android developer and Graphic designers, etc. Whatever you know can be your skill, You have to add your skills to the Fiverr profile and let the customer know your skills and get the freelance job.

Early-age Startups are finding the Freelancers to get their jobs done without unfocusing on their primary business and also can’t afford workers for a long time. So they are finding the Freelancers to work for them in the short term which saves their lot of money.


Over the years Upwork gained the popularity very fast and made a place for Freelancers. Upwork have more than 14 million Freelancers and 5 million clients. It claims that about 3 million jobs are posted annually in the different categories.

The Top companies that are hiring from Upwork are Instapage, Dropbox, Airbnb, zendesk, Unilever, etc. The Upwork is suitable for all beginners and also for experienced Freelancers. In the Upwork the Freelancers are work on the hourly basis price rate.


Toptal has very qualified Freelancers as their motto is Hire a Freelance from Top 3% Freelance Talent. Unlike other Freelance websites, Toptal is very selective for their Freelancers.

Toptal serves Freelancers only in three area Software developer, Designer, and Finance Experts. So it does not have more opportunity for Freelancers to work on Toptal but if you have skills in those three areas, then it will be Great for you. On the Toptal, you can get the job from companies like HP Enterprise, Airbnb, J.P.Morgan, Emirates, Zendesk, etc.


With 1 Million jobs completed and having 1.5 million members worldwide, Guru can be a reliable platform for Freelancers. It caters around 3.4 Million services with broad categories.

The platform works for hourly or fixed price system. Where you can submit your quotes to the clients posting, and the client decides to give the Job who have the most promising portfolio.


99designs is not likely as other freelancer websites. It has a particular area of Freelancing to Design only. Design can be anything like Tshirt, Brand-Logo, Packaging & labels, Book cover, etc. For Designers, 99designs has a great platform to work there as a design Freelancer.

The 99designs work on the contest basis. Clients post the job requirement, and the unlimited number of designers can participate in that posting. After fixed days of a period the client chooses the favorite design and give the reward to the selected Designer, this is how it’s work.


Contentmart is a content writing freelancing platform where you can write as a Freelancer at the best payout. It had more than 85 thousand writers and 1 Lac clients and completed up to 50 thousand jobs.

On the contentmart, You can work as copywriting, Articles or Blog writer, Product description, Editing & Proofreading, etc. The content writers are available as cheap as from $3. The Economic Times, Unicef, YourStory, PropTiger partnered with Contentmart means you can get a freelance writing job from these high-value companies.


It’s an invite-only Freelance platform which makes it differs from others. OnSite is a curated marketplace of Freelancer in various categories. As OnSite says it doesn’t have any middle-man means no percentage cost apply between both of you.

OnSite has some complicated process for signing up. You will have to provide work Examples as an evidence of working skill to get admission. OnSite connected with The Guardian, Wolff Olins, DesignStudio, and many others. So if you selected as a Freelancer on OnSite, then you will have a chance to work for those companies.


iFreelance is another Freelancing platform for Freelancers, coders, Graphic designers, writers, and Financiers. It operates on the bidding system, So if you want a project, you must bid on a project to get assigned. It hasn’t middle-man means what you earn is yours 100%, No transaction fees.


PeoplePerHour is a UK based company which provides a platform for Freelancers. It mainly focused on web projects Freelancing. So If you are a web developer, Graphic designer, writer or SEO specialist, then it is worth to check out the PeoplePerHour. There are more than 90 thousand curated experts who are ready to work for you.


Pros & Cons of being Freelancer


  • You can work from anywhere in the World.
  • No Need for 9 to 5 job, work anytime.
  • You can make an extra buck with your regular Job.
  • You can be your own Boss and work as you want.



  • It can be challenging for you in the beginning to get a Job.
  • No Insurance, like if you are working in an organization you packed with a health insurance.

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