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Are you losing your customers or visitors when you’re working on the back-end of your site?

If Yes, It means you’re serving a broken link or website to your visitors or customers.

When you are working on the back-end of your website or blog, It may cause losing a lot of customers or visitors. No one wants to see your broken website or blog, even though it was not a big problem, but it can still cause to lose your visitors permanently. I think don’t take it easy and please solve this issue before going into under construction mode.

Ten years ago when WordPress didn’t spread much in the world, At that time, the design of the website was entirely for coders who had the knowledge of HTML, PHP, CSS, MySQL and many back-end languages. And today the entire scenario has changed due to coming of WordPress. It has more than 25% share of the total website running in the world.

Since the wordpress comes with more than 25% share of total website running in the world. It has thousands of plugins and themes free as well as premium which can be customized as you want. These plugins and themes don’t require any coding skills to set up a self-hosted wordpress website. You can use multiple of plugins on your self-hosted wordpress website.

If you want to launch your website or want to make small changes in your back-end of your website. Then you need an under construction page to stand on maintenance mode or coming soon mode.

Let’s know about under construction page what it is and how it works-


What is under construction page or website maintenance page?

Under Construction Page is used by website owners to show their website or blog into website construction mode or maintenance mode. Whether you install a new plugin or make some small changes to your website. This might affect your visitors to leave your website without knowing the reason.

So let them know the reason for showing the error. You can craft a beautiful page design for the under construction mode. Don’t worry it’s so easy just install the plugin under construction page and tada you have all the 25+ templates to make in action whenever you are in under construction mode.


Under Construction Page Review

UnderConstructionPage is a plugin made for showing beautifully designed maintenance page for the wordpress powered website. This plugin is created by Web Factory Ltd. If you search on google for under construction page plugin then you find it’s at the top with a rating of 4.9 over 700 ratings and the biggest thing is that it’s Free.

If you want to set up your own “we’re doing some work on the site, come back later” page without any coding skills then it is the most useful plugin for you.


# Simple and Fast

This plugin is designed with keeping in mind for beginners, who don’t know about coding or designing. This has a very simple user interface and very fast. So no one will be bothered in installing it.

# New Designs Regularly

The Web Factory produces two new templates every month, so you got new themes every month absolutely free.

# Have 100k+ users and awesome rating

It has more than 100 thousands of active users and has over 700+ five star ratings. It has overall 4.9 rating which is good enough. Very rare products have received such ratings.

# Availability of social media icons

This is the part that I liked most because in the meantime visitors can engage with your social media pages. If any visitors land on your maintenance page, then they have a choice to engage with your social media pages. That can increase your social engagement. Now it doesn’t mean that you regularly go into maintenance node for social engagement.

# Google Analytics integration

It has an option that you can integrate your google analytics code into the construction page. So that, you can see how many visitors landed on your construction page.


Let’s see Creation of under construction page

Download the plugin

This is as simple as other plugin installation. So, first of all, go over the UnderConstructionPage website or in the wordpress >> plugins >> Add New and search for under construction. After that you have the plugin in front of you, then install it and activate it.

Enable the under construction mode whenever you want

Enable the under construction mode before going to under maintenance of your website. It is only one click away. Simply, just enable the mode by going into setting >> UnderConstruction >> Switch the under construction mode button into ON. Your under construction page is ready but keep in mind after enabling the under construction mode, No one can access your site content without administrator means you. we can talk later on access that who can access your website if you have a group of the worker.

under construction basic setting

In this basic setting, you may have seen the other two options also, one is automatic end date and time and the other is Google Analytics tracking. You can set the time and date at which the mode under construction will stop. You can enter the Google Analytics code into the tracking that this page keeps counting in your Google Analytics dashboard.

27+ Designs to make a beautiful page

This plugin has a variety of templates to make a great page for your website. Only you have to do is select a template whichever you like and save the setting. Boom! your page is changed and designed for all devices to look great. Here is some sample of pages that can be designed on your website.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Add some good content

In the content setting page, you can set your page title. Add some good Headline in the headline section. some example of headlines-

  • By default: Sorry, we’re doing some work on the site.
  • Sorry, we’re doing some work on the site. In the meanwhile, you can check our social media pages.
  • Sorry, we’re doing some work on the website. Please come back later.
  • Sorry, we’re doing some work on the website. Please come back “scheduled time”.

under construction content setting


Manage Access

In the manage access setting, you can set who can access the website content after going into under construction mode. you can choose from the list of roles, the default is the administrator.

If you want to control the access to the website by specific usernames. You can do this only by creating a list of whitelist users by typing their name in the Whitelist Users box.

under construction manage access

So what is your action on this plugin? Have you tried this plugin? If no then try this plugin it is completely Free and if yes, Let me know your experience in the comment box.


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