I will discuss on Offline Installers. Why offline installers are frequently used by laptop lovers or by PC helpers and even by us.

There are certain things you should not ignore about online installers-

  • The online installers consume large data if you install a program again and again.
  • The online installers need high-speed data.
  • It consumes more time than an offline installer because it’s a one time downloading. You can install it in any numbers of PC.
  • Online installers are not for you if you are using a limited Wi-fi plan or data pack.


Some places where you should use it

1. In colleges or in an office-

In colleges, if you are a technical assistant then you must use offline installers because there are a large number of computer installed. If you want to install an online program one by one in every computer then It can take a long time and as I know you don’t want it. Offline installers can save your boring time for another work. You can also take a cup of tea in your saved time with your coworkers. For this, You should make a backup drive of regularly used Softwares or important Softwares. This backup, you can use when an operating system of PC crashes or using program is uninstalled then you can easily install into them save your time.

2. In Hostels-

If you are living in a Hostel it means you are a student and not have an enough time to do these things like installing and uninstalling in repetitive time because it takes enough time. then what you do for saving your time, you can create a backup drive of offline installers of basic regularly used software. You can also help to your friends in your Hostel to cheering them from saving their Time.


This is not for only hostellers or technical assistant. It is necessary for everyone that they make a backup drive of all essential Softwares. In any type of drive like Pen Drive, CD/DVD or in Hard Disk. DVD is the best option for making the backup of any important data.

Some basic applications required for your Laptop:

Google Chrome:

One of the most used and best browser. I always keep offline installer of it. Don’t know what happens in the next minute.

Windows 64 bit – Download

Windows 32 bit – Download

Mac OS – Download

Adobe Reader:

The best used pdf reader. It has better user friendly interface.

Windows – Download

VLC video player:

Most used video player in the world.

Windows 64 bit – Download

Windows 32 bit – Download


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