How To Install WordPress on Wamp Server in Windows

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Did you know that You can also install your WordPress Blog on your local computer system for fast testing and learning?

“ Having A WordPress on my local computer, I can’t say how much it valuable for me as I am regularly testing my Themes and Plugins ”.

When I was starting with WordPress, I was new to WordPress. If you are a Blogger then you know exactly about what happened to Fresher Bloggers.

Every day you try a new theme or a new plugin but which not satisfy you, You uninstall them and again install a new fresh theme or plugin and this cycle is going on every day until you find the best. As I know these are the wasting of time. As you go to your live WordPress website test your themes or plugins and if your Internet connection is interrupting it’s also irritating.

These also affect your audience, If you are uploading themes or plugins before the test to the live server. They can face problems if your theme or plugin contains any issues.

So having a WordPress on your own computer saves your lots of time because it runs much faster and requires no Network.

Working with WordPress on Windows is a great way of testing Themes, plugins, website or anything developing for WordPress. There are many options are available for installing the WordPress on windows. But Today I’ll walk you through How to Install WordPress on Wamp Server. This is also known as setting up the localhost on your windows system.

☞ If you Installing WordPress on your Windows system locally, then the only person you who can see that website. If you want to that your website is publically shown to all then you should purchase a Domain name and Hosting service.

What is WampServer?

Wamp Server is an Application for windows having stacks of Apache server, MySQL database, and PHP. Actually, Wampserver gives you that environment which required for WordPress to run on your computer than on the Internet.

Wamp Server is the platform which actually creates a server on your windows locally. It is mostly used by web developers.

How to Install WordPress on Wamp Server step by step:

#1. Installation of Wampserver-

Download Wamp Server

Walk over the WampServer website and Download the latest version of Wampserver. Wampserver is an open source, freely available to all on their official website.

you can download either 32-bit or 64-bit as your requirement. If you don’t know about your system configuration then you can download 32-bit wamp server, it runs on both configuration. After downloading WampServer walk over on next step.

Installing Wamp Server

Before Installing WampServer makes sure that you have installed these requirements software Microsoft Visual C++. Otherwise, wampserver is not running correctly. Go to Microsoft website and download all Microsoft Visual C++ from 2008 to 2017 and install them all. Actually not all required but you can install and become tension free. you can also download the complete file in the zip file from here Download 64-bit or Download 32-bit.

Hit on the executable file (.exe) of Wampserver which is downloaded in Download folder and follow the instructions.

Choose your language as preferred which is used during Installation. Next, Accept the user license agreement and Hit on “Next”.

On the next page, it will give the information as I say above that before proceeding the installation make sure that elements are installed. If you are not downloading until the Microsoft Visual C++, you can download by the links given in the Information window in the down below. If you already installed packages, Hit on the “Next”.


Next, It will ask where would you like to install the software default is c:\wamp64. If you want to install in another folder you can browse that folder by click “browse”.

wamp installation location

Finally, it’s ready to install click “Install” and setup will install on your computer.

wampserver installing

In installing process it may be prompted to ask you choose the default browser and default editor. So I will choose the chrome for browser and notepad++ for an editor. Completing wampserver setup wizard window is open click “Finish”. The shortcut of the wampserver is created on the desktop. Now you can launch the wampserver by clicking on wampserver shortcut icon.

wampserver installation finish

voila! Wampserver is now ready to use.

Check status of Wampserver

Check status of wampserver it’s running or not. If wampserver is not running after clicking on wampserver shortcut icon it’s mean you have not installed the Microsoft Visual C++ libraries correctly. First, ensure that before installing wampserver the Microsoft Visual C++ library is installed. PHP and Apache won’t run without them.

If wampserver is running correctly green wampserver icon is shown in system tray like this.

wampserver run correctly

To check go to your chrome browser and open the “localhost” by typing localhost in the address bar.


It looks like this I have installed the WordPress so in the “Your Projects” you can see a “WordPress” folder is seen.

#2. WordPress installation with Wamp

Download WordPress

WordPress ( tool is an open source and free to all. You can download WordPress from their official website. it is very small around 9MB of a zip file. It is much more customisable with 45k available plugins with more than 100 languages available in WordPress.

After downloading the WordPress zip file extract the file to the location C:\wamp64\www or copy the extracted folder to that location.

Create Database in Wampserver

Run the wampserver software from the desktop wampserver icon. Wait for some seconds until the icon in the tray become Green. Now it’s time to create a database in wampserver for WordPress.

Open the Chrome browser and go to localhost/phpmyadmin. It requires a username and password which by default username “root” and no password is set. so fill in username “root” and leave the password and click “login”.

database creation

The phpMyAdmin page is open when you log in. For the creation of database click “New” and then write your database name in “create database“. I use for my database “wp_example” and then hit the “Create” button.

Now open localhost/wordpress in chrome browser (“wordpress” is your folder name if you have renamed the folder name of WordPress which is extracted by WordPress zip file then use “localhost/folder-name”).

A window is opened now click “Let’s go”.

install wordpress on wamp

Write your database name here mine is “wp_example”, username “root” (username of “phpmyadmin”), leave the password (no password is set of phpmyadmin by default). Database host is “localhost” and you can edit the “Table Prefix”. Then Click “Submit”.

wordpress installation

Here’s the Last step to Install WordPress on Wamp server. Let’s Do it Name your site title, here mine is wordpress. Give a username for your wordpress website, I give mine example and password as “123456” used for login after setup completion. write an email and press the “install WordPress”.

wordpress successfully installed

woohoo! WordPress is installed successfully, Now you can Log In with your username and password.

If you are using Wampserver with WordPress let me know that in the comment, how was your experience?

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